Meet the Coaches

We invite you to meet the coaches at The Welsh Padel Centre.


At The Welsh Padel Centre we have a number of future coaches on the 'coaching pathway'. Coaches on the coaching pathway have started the journey to become a qualified padel coach an expect to qualify in the next few months.


Name Specialisation Qualification
Jeffrey Evans
Jeffrey Evans
Hi, I'm Jeff. I'm studying for the LTA Patel Instructor level 2 course, and recently completed a coaching Padel for beginners course. If anyone would like an introduction to Padel session (no charge on my part) I would be glad to help, and would be grateful for the coaching experience. You can contact me on 07584 747024. Coaching pathway
Brian Niblett
Brian Niblett
Brian concentrates concentrates on coaching beginners, social players and improvers. Provides hitting practice and workshops to strengthen important areas of the game. Coaching pathway
Chris Vanstone
Chris Vanstone
Chris concentrates on coaching beginners and social players providing hitting practice, beginner's workshops and working on specific areas to strengthen, for example, glass work, etc. Coaching pathway

Booking Coaching

To book coaching, please contact the centre and we can recommend (where appropriate) and introduce you to the coach. Once introduced you make direct arrangements with the coach himself. For information on regular group coaching sessions delivered by a senior Tennis Wales coach please click here.

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It was excellent. Really enjoyed the session! He was such a great coach and made us understand the game really well.

Really enjoyed the session! The coach was great; really informative and friendly!

It was obvious that the coach knows his stuff. I’m glad that he was teaching us the basics even if we have played racket sports before.

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